67 minutes | Sep 30, 2019

Awareness & Awakening Through Meditation with Chess Edwards


Spiritual Awakening & Self-Realization through the process of Meditation & Self Awareness. Join Spiritual Guide &  Meditation Teacher Chess Edwards along with Life Coach & Shamanic Healer Anahata Ananda as they explore the symptoms of being trapped by a false constructed identity and the benefits of aligning with our higher Divine authentic self.  Awakening is the journey home to self, truth and love. This episode is packed with insightful concepts, tips and practices to help you on your journey.

 PODCAST Landing Page & FREE Gift links found here: https://www.shamangelichealing.com/awareness-awakening-meditation-chess-edwards

Chess Edwards Website: www.ChessEdwards.com

Anahata Ananda Website: https://shamangelichealing.com/

Anahata Instagram: @anahataananda

Anahata YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/ShamangelicHealing

Anahata Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ShamangelicHealing/

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