88 minutes | Sep 24th 2020

S2E08 - A Warning to the Curious

In 'A Warning to the Curious' a couple's mini-break is interrupted by the arrival of a young archaeologist who may have discovered the greatest find of the century. The only thing is, she wants to put it back... After the production join host Mark Nixon and David Ault for a discussion of this classic story plus a collection of tangents with subjects including plans to recruit Jodie Whittaker to the cast, an argument about tea and you can also hear a snippet from a conversation between Mark Nixon and Mark Gatiss.Please consider supporting us to fund further episodes of Shadows at the Door: The Podcast and buy us an Earl Grey here.Written by M.R. James and adapted by Mark NixonPerformances by Ilana Charnelle Gelbart, David Ault & Jake Benson Musical Score by Nico VetesseProduction by Mark Nixon©2018-2020 Shadows at the Door PublishingIntro (00:00:00)Story (00:02:53)Discussion (00:47:18)Credits (01:27:50)Submit your question for the Q&A Special here
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