68 minutes | Aug 28th 2020

S2E06 - Loose Ground

In 'Loose Ground' two men embark on an arduous hike but if only they could stop bickering, they might see what’s coming… After the production join host Mark Nixon, David Ault and guest writer Hannah Butler for an important discussion of the story and a collection of tangents with subjects including the nature of being a podcast listener, Northern English sensibilities and you can learn the dark secret of Shadows at the Door...Submit your question for the Q&A Special hereWritten by Hannah ButlerPerformances by David Ault, Jake Benson & Mark NixonMusic by Nico VetesseProduction by Mark Nixon©2018-2020 Shadows at the Door PublishingDisclaimer, Intro & Content/Trigger Warnings (00:00:00)Story (00:02:30)Discussion (00:28:56)Credits (01:07:47)Please consider supporting us to fund further episodes of Shadows at the Door: The Podcast and buy us an Earl Grey here.
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