28 minutes | May 5, 2021

Telehealth Help and Desire Differences #518

How do you find a therapist or marriage coach in the age of telehealth? You can work with Dr Allan - for more info click here. Guides mentioned in the show - Part 1, Part 2. A lower desire wife emails wanting help getting her husband to understand her interest in her experiencing an orgasm during sex as well, not just him. A wife in a sexless marriage wants to know how to get her husband interested in sex. On the Xtended version ... The benefits of boredom and routine and the small steps you can take create a better path forward. Enjoy the show! Sponsors ... Thrive CAUSEmetics: Their Bigger Than Beauty mission is truly inspiring!  Visit ThriveCausemetics.com/SMR for 15% off your first order! The post Telehealth Help and Desire Differences #518 appeared first on Sexy Marriage Radio.
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