3 minutes | Oct 26th 2020

Home Remedies For Bacterial Vaginosis

Struggling with bacterial vaginosis? Looking for home remedies for bacterial vaginosis or home remedies for yeast infections? Maybe you're wondering how to cure bv naturally! If so, you're not alone and it is possible to cure bacterial vaginosis but it requires a holistic approach to do so. Maybe you're confused about bv vs yeast infections. If you're wondering about vaginal odour and what you can do, you've come to the right place! In this video we'll dive into tampon trick which is amazing for vaginal odour, vaginal itching and both bv and yeast infections. You'll learn how to use essential oils for bv and why you can use the same essential oils for yeast infections as well. But remember, if you struggle with bacterial vaginosis or yeast infections diet is absolutely crucial. But is the candida diet necessary? How has it worked for you? Download my free Vaginal 411 Guide here
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