4 minutes | Apr 27th 2020

HASHIMOTOS FLARE UP: What to expect!

Struggling with Hashimotos flare up symptoms? Woman, you are not alone! If you're anything like me, you've probably had quite a few hashimotos disease symptoms - some that you may not even be aware of! Hashimoto's thyroiditis can be a real struggle from having thyroid gland enlargement and many other hashimoto symptoms which feel larger than life! You'll learn many other symptoms of thyroid problems and how there is hope if you're experiencing an autoimmune flare up. Hashimoto disease doesn't have to feel like a life sentence! There is hope! Oh and did you know that PCOS and hypothyroidism is super common? More on that later, so stay tuned. If you're ready to roll-up your sleeves, then I urge you to come to my FREE masterclass all about the thyroid now. READ THE FULL BLOG POST Check out Sexy Lady Balls, my hormone membership program here. Follow me on Social Media Facebook Instagram Twitter
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