7 minutes | Mar 9th 2020

Five Healthy Travel Tips

Vacations are great right? But the parts I think we can all do without are food poisoning, getting the runs (it’s never a fun race), constipation and getting anxious during flights (or maybe that’s just me). So just recently I got hitched and took off to SE Asia and travelled to Bali, Cambodia and Vietnam (which I will tell you is one incredible place). And people ask me all the time, “Do you ever bring supplements with you while you travel?” And of course I do. In fact I have a bunch of tools that I wanted to share with you and this week I roped in my husband Arik to talk to you about our: Five Healthy Travel Tips PS – I’ve included my FREE Healthy Travel Guide that you can download now. READ THE FULL BLOG POST Check out Sexy Lady Balls, my hormone membership program here. Follow me on Social Media Facebook Instagram Twitter
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