5 minutes | Oct 5th 2020

Autoimmune Thyroid Disease and Heavy Metal Toxicity

Struggling with an autoimmune thyroid disease? Woman, you are not alone! But the question is what is impacting your thyroid issues? What's impacting your Hashimotos thyroiditis symptoms? If you're looking to improve your thyroid health and understand a little bit more about thyroid issues in women, look no further! In this video about heavy metal toxicity and how it pertains to autoimmune disease - right down to Hashimotos disease and hair loss! You'll learn many other symptoms of thyroid problems and how there is hope if you're experiencing an autoimmune flare up due to heavy metal toxicity. Not sure where to go from here? I've got your back. Download my free Thyroid 411 Guide now. Check out Sexy Lady Balls, my hormone membership program here. Follow me on Social Media Facebook Instagram Twitter
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