99 minutes | Apr 12, 2021

SexualiTea with special guest Jack Duroc-Danner

Join us (Kia aka Mx. Pucks) and special guest Jack Duroc-Danner (he/him they/them).Jack is a queer autistic sexuality educator. They have been working as a sexuality educator and autism advocate for four years. Jack works with therapists as well as other professionals, parents/caregivers and autistic individuals on how to support autistic individuals by providing consultations (one-on-one as well as group consultation), resources, and educational workshops on the intersection of human sexuality and autism. Pre-covid, Jack also worked as massage therapist specializing in pregnancy and pediatric massage.https://www.queeronthespectrum.com/https://www.jaxpediatricmassagepractice.com/Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/sexualiTeaSEA)
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