20 minutes | Jun 15, 2021

Girl Shock Tease: Is Cross Dressing Too Much Fun?

He thought he would just dress up as a woman for Halloween, but she keeps having so much fun, what were all the reasons s/he should stop again? Maria Konner’s tell-all-the-sordid-details book “Girl Shock!” Self-discovery. Sexuality. Trans. LGBTQ. Gender Fluidity. Drag. Kinky Sex. Love. Lust. Rock & Roll. Even Comics. This book has it all, and it is all true. Girl Shock! I Dressed as a Girl for Halloween but Then She Took Over My Life. This post-pandemic teaser-interview is just to wet your… whistle as you wait for my Zoom laptop hard-drive to be fixed. Join Maria Konner as she launches her racy new memoir “Girl Shock: I Dressed As a Girl For Halloween But Then She Took Over My Life” at The Cinch Saloon on Polk Street in SF Saturday, 6/19 5-7p. Meet Maria, get her to autograph your book! The Cinch has a new piano, so Maria promises some tunes and boozy, sing-along fun!
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