46 minutes | Jan 29, 2021

Dating with Herpes: Disclosure, Stigma & Healing

Courtney Brame founded Something Positive for Positive People after his own herpes diagnosis and through his non-profit and podcast, he shares real stories and resources for people with positive STI diagnoses. He joins us to discuss shame, stigma, dating, suicide prevention and more including: How he felt when he was first diagnosed How he navigated the dating world post-diagnosis How people respond when he shares his positive status How to disclose to a new partner How herpes serves as a compass for the body and self-care The costs of herpes jokes How we can reduce the shame and stigma How to build a support system after a diagnosis Check out the Something Positive for Positive People Podcast. Follow Courtney on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. This podcast has been sponsored by Let’sGetChecked. Use code DRJESS to save at checkout!
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