10 minutes | Dec 31, 2019

SU SHOW 00: The Beginning ∣ Teaser for Our New Ethical Non Monogamy Show!

Welcome to the new Sex Uninterrupted Show with Taara and James! We are excited to bring you the very first show of our series – a teaser of what’s to come and what to expect! We are so excited to making this transition to having our radio show go be offered on video format. Through this, we will have the opportunity to provide even more education and share more intimately with our audience. Our first SU Show will air on January 15th, so make sure to got to www.youtube.com/sexuninterrupted and subscribe so you don’t miss out! As a reminder, our show is moving to bi-weekly and will be released every second Wednesday. © SU Lifestyle Media Inc. YOUTUBE VIDEO: https://youtu.be/37kw2nGkW7s SUPPORT www.patreon.com/sexuninterrupted Website: www.sexuninterrupted.com Twitter: twitter.com/sxuninterrupted Instagram: www.instagram.com/sex.uninterrupted/ Facebook: www.facebook.com/sexuninterrupted/
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