54 minutes | Dec 15th 2020

052: We Use Sex to Power Our Business

What is the craziest story we have seen in real estate? The craziest thing is that we have seen to date in real estate is that we utilize SEX and sexual energy to power our businesses. A cornerstone tenant of Jamison & Company is having a mature sexual practice for the purpose of manifestation. That energy fuels our bank account, it fuels our family, it fuels us as a couple. By keeping our sex up, we saw an increase in our emotional maturity, an increase our intimacy, a HUGE increase in our self worth. And as those things happen our business goes up & stays up; our life force stays high. When we are working on our sexual energy, money shows up - sometimes simultaneously, sometimes right after our connections - but it happens more often than not, and its crazy, and you can’t make this shit up! LINKS: FB Community Support: https://www.facebook.com/groups/sexmoneyrealestate IG: @sexmoneyrealestate email: SexMoneyRealEstate@gmail.com Review: SexMoneyRealEstate.com Balance Chart Accountability App: TheYdbg.com
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