50 minutes | Oct 16th 2019

Poverty, Class, Culture and Taboo in Langa, South Africa

In 2019, I traveled to South Africa and Namibia. While visiting Cape Town, I went on a Township Tour with Lele Mbinda and visited his hometown of Langa just outside Cape Town. Lele opened my eyes to not only how people live day to day in Langa, but also how sex is viewed by adults and youth. Heads up that this episode includes a discussion about rape. 

We talked about the following topics as they pertain to Langa Township: 

  • the intersection of poverty, class, race, intergenerational differences and culture in how residents talk or rather, do not talk about sex
  • the many obstacles to speaking openly about sex and asking questions
  • dating for young people 
  • the impact of menstruation on young women
  • lack of awareness regarding harassment and rape
  • suggestions for how to move forward and create more open dialogue 
  • local perspectives on LGBTQ folk 
  • STEM programming for youth
  • The iThuba Project

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