56 minutes | Nov 14th 2020

Episode 129: A Very Vanilla Sex Worker And Committed Activist

An interview with one of the founding members of the Berlin Strippers Collective... A bit of a throwback to July of this year, today's conversation was the first one recorded as part of the Black Sex Workers Collective [BSWC] fundraiser promotion but my guest requested it be withheld temporarily due to privacy concerns and so here we are publishing today.

My guest is originally from Italy but currently lives and works in Berlin. She is someone who waited a long time to have sex, having held onto romantic ideals for many years, and now, having let go of those ideas, lives a full life studying for her Master's Degree, doing sex work and fighting for a better existence and future for other sex workers. Also she considers herself to be vanilla, but after you hear some details about her personal life you might disagree!

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