35 minutes | Oct 9th 2020

Episode 125: Back From Hiatus / Back On The Dating Apps

Where the fuck have I been?!?!? I know some of you have been wondering and I appreciate your patience during the show’s unexpected hiatus — which was unexpected to me too! The short answer is: work, the long answer is: work, plus burnout, plus searching for a new hosting platform after being thrown off Buzzsprout for posting pornographic material, then searching again after losing confidence in my next choice, Simplecast, and now finalizing our place with RedCircle, and DID I MENTION THE BURNOUT. So yeah, a lot has been going on. But anyway! I started dating again via apps (OMG SO AWFUL) so I have a juicy-ish(??) story about physical contact with someone I just met despite still being in the middle of a pandemic. I get into the tricky decision to include the detail of my being a size queen in my dating profiles; good idea? Bad idea? We’ll see!

Also! A brief heads-up on some new episodes to come and some background info/updates on the state of the new GRAPHICPAINT.com

Also also! Here are the two written pieces about penis size I reference:

The Most Disappointing Dicks I've Encountered

Must Have Thick Skin And Big Dick

Til next week!

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