42 minutes | Jul 16th 2020

Episode 119: BSWC Event Part 5, The Creation Of The Black Sex Worker Collective

The final episode in our 5-show series produced in collaboration with The Black Sex Worker Collective. Next week, July 22nd, the collective will host a 22-hour event called Who’s Allowed To Make Money? Workers In Solidarity, to support sex workers and other freelance artists directly impacted by COVID-19. Please pick up some tickets to the events now if you haven’t already done so. 

Today’s interview is with the founder of The Black Sex Worker Collective, Akynos. July 22nd is also Akynos’ 43rd birthday, hence the 22 hours of events and $43,000 financial goal. My guest has worked in the sex industry for nearly 30 years and has plenty of experience to share. In this episode, we discuss how and why she created the Black Sex Worker Collective, why she is personally celibate, what we can expect from her appearances at the fundraiser, and future BSWC projects.

Event information:
Tickets / Info: Black Sex Workers Collective 22-Hour Fundraiser Event
The Opening Party (by donation)
Tickets to The Psychosis of Whiteness

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Akynos Website
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