59 minutes | Jun 25th 2020

Episode 116: BSWC Event Part 2, Sex Work Activism And "Transcending Kink"

Today is the second episode in our 5-show series produced in collaboration with The Black Sex Worker Collective. On July 22nd, the collective will host a 22-hour event called Who’s Allowed To Make Money? Workers In Solidarity, to support sex workers and other freelance artists directly impacted by COVID-19. As of June 18th, each weekly episode up until the event will feature some of the many performers and activists who are scheduled. You can catch up on this series, and all of our episodes, at anytime on sexcompod.com

It can not be said enough that sex workers are under attack and in need of our support. As this show is about destroying the stigma of sex, the issue of sex worker rights is absolutely in alignment with our mission, and I am pleased to offer the platform of this podcast to raise awareness and affect positive change.

In this episode, I speak with PJ Starr, a documentary filmmaker and sex workers’ rights activist. During the fundraiser, PJ and the New Jersey Red Umbrella Alliance (NJRUA) will host Goddesses in the Garden State; a 2-hour block of cocktail recipes, music, film and a panel discussion of Black sex workers in film. PJ is originally from Australia but currently based in New Jersey, and we discuss why the plight of sex workers is so important to her, how she became interested in the subject of sex work, and why she self-describes as having “transcended kink.”

Event information:
Tickets / Info: Black Sex Workers Collective 22-Hour Fundraiser Event
Tickets to PJ's Event: Goddesses In The Garden State

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The Black Sex Worker Collective
Some information about the fight for Sex Worker rights:
The New Jersey Red Umbrella Alliance (NJRUA)

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PJ's website of professional work
June 28th Film Screening

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