88 minutes | Aug 25, 2021

SR EP106: Reviving Christine Chubbuck: Christine and Kate Plays Christine

We discuss Christine and Kate Plays Christine, a fiction and documentary film about Christine Chubbuck. We ask, what's the value of telling a story in fiction versus nonfiction? This episode features Editor-in-Chief Alex Heeney, Executive Editor Orla Smith, and special guest Lena Wilson. On this episode: Subjective realities (2:34) Why we paired these films and the Christine Chubbuck story (5:18) The mid-2010s trend of men making movies about how bad men oppress women (10:04) Christine (15:16) Rebecca Hall's performance (21:50) The strange questions the film asks (30:50) The Florida perspective (35:03) The 1970s (38:35) Kate Plays Christine (41:36) The film's ending (59:52) Blame on authorship and viewership (1:07:51) Conclusion (1:19:19) Show Notes Purchase Subjective realities: The art of creative nonfiction film for more on Robert Greene, the casting conceit in creative nonfiction, and much more. Purchase tickets for August 29th's livestream conversation between Robert Greene (Kate Plays Christine, Bisbee ‘17) and Joe Bini (editor of twenty-seven Werner Herzog films). Read Alex's interview with Penny Lane about Nuts! Read Miriam Bale's essay in The New Republic on Christine and Kate Plays Christine Related Episodes Ep. 68: Mothers struggling with addiction in Hillbilly Elegy and Down to the Bone (Member's Only) Ep. 67: Frederick Wiseman’s Ex Libris and City Hall (Member's Only) Ep. 12: Hail Satan? featuring director Penny Lane (Member's Only)
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