56 minutes | Jul 14, 2021

SR EP100: Films for the Future

To celebrate our 100th episode, Executive Editor Orla Smith hosts nine regular contributors sharing their picks for a film which can be constructive for the world and illuminate something about the people and society around us.

On this episode

  • Orla Smith and Support the Girls (3:35)
  • Alex Heeney and Proxima (9:41)
  • Caitlin Merriman and The Lady in the Van (15:21)
  • Debbie Zhou and Lust, Caution (19:35)
  • Lena Wilson and Teeth (24:28)
  • Andrew Kendall and The English Patient (27:19)
  • Emily Garside and Pride (32:23)
  • Fiona Underhill and Empire of the Sun (36:39)
  • Lindsay Pugh and Ishtar (41:00)
  • Brett Pardy and The Farewell (45:57)


Episode Notes:

  • Read Alex's interview with Proxima director Alice Winocour
  • Read Alex's 2014 review of Pride
  • Read Orla's interview with The Farewell director Lulu Wang

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