53 minutes | Jul 25th 2019

Ep. 27 - Darcie Draudt on Multiculturalism and Korean National Identity

Darcie Draudt is a PhD candidate in the Department of Political Science at Johns Hopkins University. She is currently in Seoul as a Korea Foundation dissertation fieldwork fellow and a visiting scholar at the Yonsei University Department of Political Science. Darcie's research comprises US-Northeast Asian relations and Korean identity and multiculturalism, and we spend a lot of time on what it means to be Korean today and how the country is grappling with internationalism and growing migration, and how that forces a reconciliation of sorts with traditional - or lets say, conventional - Korean values and perceptions of self. You can connect with Darcie on Twitter, @darciedraudt and view all of her work and current research at darciedraudt.com

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