25 minutes | Jan 24, 2021

New Year and Staying on Track

How are you getting on with your new 2021 goals?  Here are specific ways to keep on track and manage both your key actions this year as well as your mindset. And to share how this still works even if you’re going through a difficult time – unfortunately we’ve had the most traumatic week because a serious car accident has left my eldest grown up child Skye (still your kids even when they’re 21 years old aren’t they?!) with a fractured pelvis and a long recovery expected after surgery this past week. Obviously, this is distressing and more important than anything else in my life right now, family comes first.  Miraculous that Skye is still with us, and we’re so grateful for this.  However, because we have systems in place, our SA units are still fully operational, and expansion plans still in place.  This is not to boast, but to share this with you – if you’re struggling or want a better way forwards too, this will help you. Yes, I’m delayed getting this podcast out, but our actual business and goals are still all fully working and in place.  The methods I share are going to help you through lock down and through life to keep moving towards your vision and what is most meaningful to you. Our deepest gratitude to everyone for all the support we have had, and the amazing NHS for their awesome skill and support too. For show notes and resources in my podcast, go to my website www.servicedaccommodationsecrets.com and Facebook page: http://bit.ly/SASecretsPageSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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