42 minutes | Feb 22, 2021

22008231 The Importance of prayer to public worship 1Timothy 1:18-2:6

Paul wrote this first of the “pastoral epistles” to help Timothy as he was leading the Ephesian church back to a right focus and especially right public worship. Paul was concerned that the local church stay right, look like the one they worshipped.   Having reminded Timothy of the severe danger of and the proper response to damaging the local body, Paul talks about public worship. First on the list for public worship is prayer. “First of all” connects to “I exhort.” The point is not to say that Prayer was most important in the service, but that it was first of several points about worship that Paul wanted them to consider.  Prayer reminds us of our need and our Father’s desire. Prayer is important in public forums. Prayer should always be a part of public worship. Paul presents the importance of prayer as he focuses on who should pray and how they should pray.
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