37 minutes | Feb 24th 2021

S1E165 - #LoveMyRoomie Digital Series Episodes 3 Recap ft Ashley Versher

Episode Notes Good vibes, Bad vibes, fake friend vibes, lying vibes, grown and sexy vibes. the list continues! This episode was giving all types of vibes so we called in a little help from Ashley Versher who plays U'moriah on #lovemyroomie. She comes through and answers all of our questions , comments and concerns Please Note: The views and opinions expressed on this podcast are those of the hosts and do not reflect the views and opinions of any network or series * Editor and Producer: @Hey.Brittanyy Theme Song: @Lyndastarrmusic Subscribe to our mailing list www.serieslypodcast.com Questions, comments or concerns? Let us know! Use the hashtag #serieslyrecap to tell us your thoughts! If you enjoyed this episode please subscribe and leave a review Email: serieslypodcast@gmail.com Twitter: twitter.com/Serieslypodcast Facebook: www.facebook.com/Serieslypodcast Instagram: www.instagram.com/serieslypodcast
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