47 minutes | Sep 22, 2020

#75 Creating entertaining B2B content with Josef Newton

Great content is a combination of a relevant topic and the appropriate format. Linkedin is a great way to keep your finger on the pulse of your industry and to find trending topics everyone is talking about. There is no one way to produce content, but current trends suggest a podcast or miniseries is often a better choice than a webinar. Josef Newton, founder of Brand Is Demand podcast, shares his thoughts on: how to own a topic within your industry the difference between product demand and content demand why customers are neither a magic source of insight nor the only audience you should consider how the Linkedin algorithm helps you stay relevant *Mentions:* Brand is Demand Podcast on Spotify Harry Dry’s Marketing Examples The Goat Agency on YouTube Jake Tran on Youtube and Linkedin Chris Walker on Linkedin Surfer SEO agency website Connect with Josef on Linkedin Say HI to me on Linkedin
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