73 minutes | Dec 11th 2018

How Could This Possibly Fail?

In the season one finale, Iro, Fancy, and Fox follow the last lead they have, in hopes of getting answers about Rachel’s disappearance…and lingering mysteries from their past. CW: gun violence and vehicle violence (timestamps at end of show notes) Players: Jennifer Alexander (Instagram, Twitter) Brendan McLeod (Twitch, Twitter), and Orion GM: Michelle Nickolaisen (Twitter, Instagram) Audio editor: Brendan Hutchins You can support Serendipity City on Patreon, and find us around the web at serendipitypod.com, Discord, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, or Facebook. Make sure to send in your questions for a post-season-one Q&A episode! Here’s a few notes on things discussed in the outro: I’m working on my own PBTA hack to use in future seasons - if you’re interested in playtesting, let me know! Due to that + an upcoming move + PodCon, full episodes will probably not return until February/March 2019 (but there will be bonus episodes and content in the meantime, so stay subscribed and keep an eye on the feed) If you’re going to be at PodCon, feel free to reach out and/or say hi if you see me! I’m gonna try and get some stickers and such to hand out. Thanks again for being here for season one! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed making it. Music tracks used: Grey Alley by Blue Dot Sessions, Grand Hotel by Dee Yan Key, and of course our custom theme created by Brendan Hutchins Sound effects via Battlebards and Creative Commons CW timestamps: “up close” gun violence and violence in general (no sound effects) from 20-30m, 52-55m, 1h05m-06m, automobile violence at 44-45m in and 46-47m