53 minutes | Oct 8th 2018

Blood and Glitter

On their way back from Rachel’s family home, the gang finds themselves with a tail… CW: Gun violence throughout episode Players: Jennifer Alexander, Brendan McLeod (Twitch, Twitter), and Orion GM: Michelle Nickolaisen (Twitter, Instagram) Audio editor: Brendan Hutchins Things mentioned in the intro: The Polygon article & Wil Williams The new listener guide at the site International Podcasting Month (I’m on episodes #13 and #34) You can support Serendipity City on Patreon, and find us around the web at serendipitypod.com, Discord, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, or Facebook. Make sure to send in your questions for our post-season-one Q&A episodes! Our next episode will go up either October 23rd or October 30th. See you soon! Tracks used from Free Music Archive: Grand Hotel and Phlegm, by Dee Yan-Key, Balkan Nights by Underscore Orkestra Sound effects via BattleBards