35 minutes | Apr 29, 2021

November's Secret, Chapter 3 by: LanaBerry

A Yuri!!! On Ice Fanfic. Summary: Overwhelmed with anxiety and his fear of failing, Yuuri faces the issue of if he should continue skating. His best friend, Yuko, proposes a solution - if no one knows it's you, then it's less embarrassing, right? Yuuri begins to create a completely new disguise and persona.But it works a little too well.Before he knows it, Yuuri has become the biggest mystery of the skating world and everyone wants to know who he is. Especially Viktor Nikiforov, the idol he's been loosely basing his new persona on for years. This story is currently in progress. Also, be sure to check out my: Website: www.serddsaudiofanfic.com  AO3: Serdd  YouTube channel: Serdd's Audio Fanfictions  You can read this story for yourself: HERE. 
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