77 minutes | Jul 19, 2021

Richard Donner In Memoriam (1930-2021)

Hosts Mat Bradley-Tschirgi, Thrasher, and Alex Miller discuss the career of the late Richard Donner. Although he directed his first feature in his early 30s with X-15, his motion picture directing career didn't start in earnest until the original The Omen film in 1976. Donner directed hits in a variety of genres from superhero (Superman) and family films (The Goonies) to buddy cop (Lethal Weapon) and horror (The Omen) flicks. He sowed his directing oats doing over a dozen years of directing on classic TV shows like Route 66, Wagon Train, Get Smart, The Twilight Zone, and The Streets of San Francisco. After The Omen smashed box office expectations, Richard Donner's career stuck to big budget studio pictures with some notable intimate character dramas thrown in the mix (Inside Moves, Radio Flyer).   Those wanting to learn more about the career of Richard Donner are urged to read You're The Director, You Figure It Out The Life and Films of Richard Donner by James Christie. It's a frank look at a rich career with many insights direct from Donner himself.  Follow the show on Twitter @Sequelcast2 Like our Sequelcast 2 Facebook Page The theme song to the Sequelcast is written and performed by Marc with a C. Sequelcast 2 is delighted to be a member of The Batman Podcast Network. Hear more great podcasts here! Watch Thrasher's tabletop RPG YouTube show d-infinity Live!. Listen to Marc with a C's music podcast Discography. Buy One Starry Night, a Cthulhu Live scenario Thrasher contributed to, from DriveThruRPG! 
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