63 minutes | Aug 4, 2021

Critters 3 You Are What They Eat (1991)

Hosts Mat Bradley-Tschirgi, Thrasher, and Alex Miller discuss third film in the original Critters saga. Families in a rundown apartment complex bicker while Critters try to murder them.  A direct-to-video cheapie, Critters 3 is the feature film debut of Leonardo DiCaprio. The jokes are more slapstick this time around. An uninspired setting and muted violence make for a not great sequel. There is little ambition here.  Sequelcast 2 and Friends is part of the Greenlit Podcast Network Follow the show on Twitter @Sequelcast2 Listen to Marc with a C's music podcast Discography Buy Mat's books (Podcast You Nerd!, The Films of Uwe Boll Vol. 1: The Video Game Movies!)  Buy Thrasher's tabletop RPG supplements from DriveThruRPG Watch Alex Miller's YouTube series The Trailer Project
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