35 minutes | Nov 7, 2020

Thomas Aquinas' Psychology of Fear, with Nathan Cartagena, pt. 2

This is the continuation and conclusion of the two-part discussion with Dr. Cartagena on Thomas Aquinas’ psychology of fear. We delve a little deeper into fear, perseverance, and courage, as Dr. Cartagena brilliantly ties that all into our current context of resisting oppressive structures, and living during a pandemic. He concludes by giving us a word on Jesus and his emotions: because Jesus experienced the full range of human emotion, including fear and anxiety, it is not sinful for us to be fearful or anxious. In fact, according to Aquinas, being completely fearless doesn’t enable us to love well. Talk to Dr. Cartagena: Twitter: https://twitter.com/MeditarMestizo @MeditarMestizo Blog: Mestizo Meditations https://www.nathancartagena.com/ Recommended resource: Teaching Bodies: Moral Formation in the Summa of Thomas Aquinas by Mark D. Jordan https://g.co/kgs/kojmQx Seminary for the Rest of Us, a tiny podcast where everyone is welcome to God-talk, is produced by Sabrina Reyes-Peters, occasionally sound engineered by Mason Mennenga, web engineered by Charles Peters, and the theme music is by Matthew Scott. Support: https://ko-fi.com/sdrp_Find us on Twitter and Instagram @seminaryshow Email: seminary.show@gmail.com
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