46 minutes | Apr 15, 2020

Dialectical Theology and Embodiment with Lauren R.E. Larkin

For the past couple of years or so, I have been very slowly dipping my toes into something called Dialectical Theology, and thought it would be a real treat to have Rev. Lauren R.E. Larkin talk to me about it for Seminary for the Rest of Us. I wasn’t wrong! It was a great conversation on Dialectical Theology and living out Christian faith as a bodily creature. I can confidently say you should start here if you are curious about Dialectical Theology. And if you want to learn more, check out the list below. Recommended Resources: Our God Loves Justice by W. Travis McMaken Evangelical Theology by Karl Barth Theology and Socialism podcast interview with W. Travis McMaken on Our God Loves Justice YouTube video: Introducing Dialectical Theology  Lauren R.E. Larkin: https://laurenrelarkin.com Seminary for the Rest of Us, where everyone is welcome to God-talk, is hosted by Sabrina Reyes-Peters, sound engineered by Mason Mennenga, web engineered by Charles Peters, and the theme music is by Matthew Scott. Find us on Twitter: @seminaryshow. Contact: seminary.show@gmail.com
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