52 minutes | Sep 6, 2018

5: The Amazing Science Behind Buying And Selling With Melina Palmer

Ever wish that you could understand what was going on in the brain of your potential buyer so you can lead, influence and sell more effectively? In this episode, marketing and behavioral economics expert Melina Palmer breaks down how our brains work while making purchasing decisions and how we can make shifts in our sales and marketing efforts based on the science in order to increase our revenue.  Melina and I dive into the top 3 behavioral economics principals that we all need to incorporate into our businesses for increased sales. Melina breaks down the concepts of anchoring, adjustment, and relativity and how to strategically price and position your offerings to increase your sales. Melina shares success stories and lessons learned from several women who have implemented this principals successfully.  Connect with Melina Palmer: The Brainy Business The Brainy Business Podcast Facebook Instagram LinkedIn Other resources mentioned: The High Energy Girl How To Prevent Buyer Pricing Concerns [Discovery Meetings That Deliver Series]  
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