33 minutes | Dec 24, 2018

Gain More Profits With Negative Churn with Shreesha Ramdas

Customers come and go; yet it is always a must for businesses to not lose them as much as possible. When customers churn, you would expect a drop from your sales. Shreesha Ramdas, CEO of Strikedeck, believes otherwise. For him, there is a possibility of creating that churn into a positive experience for your company. He talks about the untapped power of negative churn – of two negatives creating something positive. He explores that deeper as he lays out some scenarios that you could implement to take make use of your existing customers rather than focusing on the ones who left. He gives out four ways that you can grow revenue from this situation. Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share! Here’s How » Join the Selling Disruption Show Community today: sellingdisruptionshow.com Selling Disruption Show Facebook Selling Disruption Show LinkedIn
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