33 minutes | Oct 1, 2018

Executive Personal Branding: Top Of Mind, Top Of Market with Brian Basilico

When business owners think of brand, they immediately associate it with their businesses. However, as most people know, businesses do business with the people within it. Brian Basilico counteracts that. Brian believes that brands should be personal. As a marketing expert and founder of B2b Interactive Marketing, he breaks down how to do personal branding and why it should be at the center of your marketing campaign to attract clients and customers. Brian lays down the things that hold businesses back as well as the ways to overcome them. Learn some great insights and tips on how to discover your own personal brand and how to showcase it to the world from Brian. Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share! Here’s How » Join the Selling Disruption Show Community today: sellingdisruptionshow.com Selling Disruption Show Facebook Selling Disruption Show LinkedIn
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