35 minutes | Nov 5, 2018

Creating Your Disruptive Vision with Tony Durso

What is your long-term objective? Where do you see yourself going in two to three years? There are immediate goals and there are some great people that push that very heavily, but your whole life, your whole future does not revolve around a one, a two, or a three-month goal because the industry changes so much. TV and radio host and bestselling author Tony Durso looks at it like a giant inverted pyramid and developed the vision map. He has a unique way of approaching business which he talks about in his book called The Vision Map: Beat the Odds for Your Business Success. Tony take us through his 40-page book and shares how creating your disruptive vision can be the start of the best day of my life. Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share! Here’s How » Join the Selling Disruption Show Community today: sellingdisruptionshow.com Selling Disruption Show Facebook Selling Disruption Show LinkedIn
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