33 minutes | Jan 14, 2019

Are You An Explainer Or A Persuader: How To Tell Disruptive Stories with Doug Stevenson

Storytelling is the fastest way to engage attention and implement change. It works in a very powerful way with the brain of the listener to engage attention. It activates all of the senses. It is logical and linear, but it is also creative and nonlinear. Doug Stevenson, founder and president of Story Theater International, a speaking, training and consulting company based in Tucson, Arizona, found over the years with all of his clients that they all have one challenge in common – too much content, too much data, too much information, but not enough emotional connection. Doug shares how you can tell disruptive stories to engage attention. He also talks about the phrase that pays, and outlines the nine steps of story structure. Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share! Here’s How » Join the Selling Disruption Show Community today: sellingdisruptionshow.com Selling Disruption Show Facebook Selling Disruption Show LinkedIn
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