34 minutes | Jun 8, 2022

SPS 160: Quitting My Corporate Because Of My Book with Mick Spiers

Can you really quit your job and go full time as an author? Today I'm joined by Mick Spiers who did just that over the last year with our help at Self Publishing School. In this interview, we talk about: -How Mick went from listening to this podcast to being interviewed on it -How Mick wrote and published his book in 8 months -The two toughest parts of the process -How Mick successfully launched his book and the 2-3 things that sold the most books -The 4 P’s - what are they and why they’re important for writing & publishing a great book ...and a lot more. Mick is so inspiring. You don't want to miss this episode! P.S. Schedule a book consultation with the SPS team to talk about your book and how we can help you like we did Mick: self-publishingschool.com/apply

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