42 minutes | May 19, 2021

SPS 106: Hybrid Publishing 101, Audible Originals, And Why You Should Focus On Audiobooks with Phil Jones (Exactly What To Say To Get People To Buy & Read Your Book)

Hybrid Publishing...should you do it? Or is it a scam? And why are so many authors focusing on audiobook sales? What's Audible Originals?

Today I'm joined by Phil M Jones, author of "Exactly What To Say". We talk about all of these things and also:
-How he wrote his first book in 7 days, and how that turned into a book that sold 1M copies
-Hybrid Publishing: how you can use it to get into book stores and how to decide which one to go with
-The only thing that actually sells books
-Why (and how) he prioritizes audibook sales & Audible Originals
-How you can ethically game the Audible algorithm to get more downloads & listens
-Why you should focus on readers instead of book buyers
-How 1 star reviews help him sell more copies
-Exactly What To Say when people ask “How can I support your book?”

...and so much more! If you're thinking about hybrid publishing or publishing an audiobook, DO NOT miss this episode!

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