40 minutes | May 12, 2021

SPS 105: Using Partnership Marketing To Sell Books, Change Lives, And Grow Your Business with Pedro Mattos (An Immigrant's Guide To Affiliate Marketing)

What's the fastest way to get your book (or business) in front of your target audience? Any guesses?

Without a doubt, it's Partnership Marketing (aka. Affiliate Marketing / Business Development). Today I'm joined by Pedro Mattos...Head of Business Developement at Self Publishing School to talk about EXACTLY how we do this at SPS and how you can follow our process for your book.

We also talk about:
-how to figure out who to partner with
-how to get your first win (partnership, affiliate, podcast interview, speaking gig, etc)
-how Pedro got his book to go viral inside a group of 10k+ people
-the unfair advantage immigrants have when writing / publishing a book
-how we pivoted during COVID (and how it's changing what we do in a post-COVID world)

Whether you're a seasoned pro at publicity / affiliate marketing...or you're thinking "I have no idea what you're talking about", don't miss this episode!

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