43 minutes | Mar 10, 2021

SPS 096: Launching My First Traditionally Published Book Using What I Learned Self Publishing Books & Journals with John Lee Dumas (And How I Negotiated a $350k Advance)

Joining me today is John Lee Dumas - the host of the Entrepreneurs On Fire podcast & author of "The Common Path To Uncommon Success".

We cover so much ground in this interview, including:
-how he got a $350,000 advance on his first traditionally published book
-the process he used to get 800+ reviews on his first self published book
-the keys to selling 100's of thousands of journals
-how to sell bulk copies of your book (how he's sold 7,000+ copies this way before launch)
-how to create a CRAZY bonus stack that sells more books

If you're looking for advanced launch strategies, don't miss this episode!

Grab a copy of JLD's book & claim your bonuses here: https://uncommonsuccessbook.com/

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