56 minutes | Aug 26th 2020

Kids and Stress with Lisa Damour + Self-Love and Worthiness with BJ Hickman | Selfie Podcast Episode 141

I'm talking with fellow therapist Lisa Damour about raising preteens and teens, how to promote empathy and self-esteem while also promoting resilience, and what the pandemic is doing to an already stressed-out generation. Lisa is the author of the books Under Pressure and Untangled. BJ is talking on self-love and is having us ask ourselves: What is the story I’ve brought into adulthood about my worthiness, and where did it come from?” In this episode we also talk about: Hyland's Young Adult Serene Homoepathic Blend  ‎Flo Period Tracker on the App Store Formula 10.0.6 One Deep Attraction Detoxifying Face Wash Charcoal + Willow Bark Bamboo Bookstand That’s It Fruit Bars