53 minutes | Oct 21st 2020

How to Talk Politics Without Being a Jerk: A Conversation with Eugene Cho | Selfie Podcast Episode 149

Eugene Cho is talking about how to have a civil dialogue about politics, the polarization of political parties, and the problem with Christians aligning with a party over their moral convictions.  Thou Shalt Not Be a Jerk: A Christian's Guide to Engaging Politics, Kristen and Eugene’s trip to Iraq and Lebanon  Air Queen N95 Substantial Equivalent Masks   The Happy Labs Chill Pills   TheBalm Stainiac Ninja Coffee Maker  Today’s show is brought to you by EBY,  a seamless underwear membership.Eby’s are seamless and smooth, with the perfect amount of softness and stretch . . . your new super power to fight VPLs, slipping, or riding up. A no-slip grip keeps everything in place, with a cotton lining to keep your lady parts healthy. They have fits and styles in sizes XS-4X to fit every woman. Joining EBY gives you access to exclusive, members-only offers, free shipping, limited edition prints, and weekly power tips on confidence and productivity. A membership keeps your underwear drawer fresh AND helps fund cyclical microfinance loans for women around the world. 10% of every EBY purchase funds business loans for women around the world. Get 20% your first order at joineby.com with code SELFIE20.