34 minutes | Mar 28, 2020

S3:E9 // The Power of Slowing Down & Pausing

Right now, we have an unprecedented global slow down. For the first time in recent history, the ENTIRE world is not only asking you to stay home, it's actually enforcing it.For many of us, this is causing internal panic about SO. MANY. THINGS!I'm here to encourage and quite frankly challenge you to step outside your patterns of anxiety, scarcity, and panic in this uncertainty and lean into the power of pausing.As entrepreneur and speaker KC Baker says, "The slower you go, the more you feel."You have an opportunity right now to stop numbing out and FEEL the things you've been avoiding so you can learn more about yourself, deepen your understanding of what you want and desire, and actually take steps to build the life you want.Listen to this episode to gain perspective into how this fucked up time can be a gift, and how to take advantage of the power available to you in slowing down and pausing.
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