41 minutes | Mar 24, 2020

S3:E8 // Are Your Friends Helping or Hindering Your Growth?

In this episode, I chat with my friends/family about the importance of the people you surround yourself with, and how they can either help or hinder your personal growth.With COVID-19 quarantines and other craziness, the importance of community and connection beyond convenience is more important than ever. The ways in which our culture lacks a community-minded perspective have become extremely obvious.Think about it: if people had been following precautions and taking care of their health BEFORE this all blew up, when the virus was still out east, we might not even need to be taking such drastic measures now. Instead, people who were privileged enough to assume their health wouldn't be affected continued to travel, not wash their hands, expose themselves to the compromised, and eventually hoard resources (unnecessarily - what's with the toilet paper? COVID doesn't make you shit your pants, people!).When you choose to spend time with people who care more about their own personal gain and only focus on what's "directly" affecting them, you lose out on the opportunity to build relationships with people who will champion you and hold space for you to become your best self.Self-awareness practices REQUIRE you understand your impact in a community setting, so use some of this to listen to this episode and evaluate your community, your role in it, and whether or not your relationships lift you up or keep you stuck.
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