24 minutes | Mar 13, 2020

S3:E7// Get Your Joy On with the Gratitude Game

In this episode, I share a practice from my book, Get Your Joy On, that can get you out of negative thought patterns and crappy moods quickly: the Gratitude Game!There is no better medicine than gratitude. Giving thanks is infinitely transformative. If someone would give me a pulpit and bullhorn to scream, “EXPRESS MORE GRATITUDE; IT IS YOUR SALVATION,” on a street corner, I would do it.To be clear, gratitude is different from saying, “Thank you” as a compulsion to conditioned politeness. Gratitude is a consciousness, just like joy. As with so many of our states of being, we don’t express it. We feel it a little instead of participating fully in that consciousness and move on.Ugh. Writing that hurt me. I used to do it all the time. I still do it sometimes. It’s a bummer every single missed opportunity.Gratitude is beautiful for so many reasons. Perhaps my favorite is that it not only fills you up, it fills up the people you express it to. When you tell me how appreciative you are of the beautiful way your best friend showed up in your time of need, I feel good. Goodness is contagious; I love it when you feel loved because it reminds me there are good people in the world.Let’s play the Gratitude Game. If you want to get to joy quickly, this is your opportunity.
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