47 minutes | Mar 7, 2020

S3:E6 // Smashed Avocado & the Quarter Life Crisis with Jacqueline Cripps

In this episode, I interview author, Jacqueline Cripps, about her book Smashed Avocado and the Quarter Life Crisis: A Millennial Survival Guide as well as her work professionally as an organizational consultant who seeks to help organizations learn how to work with the millennial generation instead of against it.Jacqueline is an author, speaker, and mentor. Working nationally and internationally, she works with business owners and organizations to strengthen their existing teams by analyzing the generational differences in the environment so team members can work together more seamlessly – overall strengthening the business’s overall bottom-line.You can find her online at jacquelinecripps.com and follow her on Instagram @jacquelinecripps.Listen to this episode for a sparkling conversation about the unique opportunities we have as millennials to build awareness in a way that can change not only our lives but the future of how humans work, think, and grow.
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