27 minutes | Feb 28, 2020

S3:E5 // Are You Living in the "One Day" Myth?

How many times have you told yourself, "One day, my life will _______"? And how often is that blank filled with the things you most deeply desire for your life? The things that you know you want but for some reason secretly believe you'll never have?The "One Day" Myth is this idea we've all tacitly bought into that our lives can and will only feel the way we want them to in some far-off distant future when we've finally:lost the weightgotten the promotionfound the timegotten marriedhad a kidmoved awaygotten out of debt...or whatever else we think is between us and the life we want to live. In this episode, I discuss what the "One Day" Myth is, how it's showing up in my life, and what I'm doing to change that narrative so I live the life I DESIRE and DESERVE right fucking NOW.
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