60 minutes | Jan 14, 2020

S3:E3 // How Addiction + Divorce Lead to Living Your Best Life with Zack Blakeney

This week's episode features one of my favorite humans, transformational coach and all-around badass, Zack Blakeney. In part 1 of this two-part interview, Zack teaches us about recoding, changing behavior patterns, and shares his own journey with a raw vulnerability that's just plain old sexy.Seriously, hearing about his battle with anxiety, porn and drug addiction and how that lead to his divorce gives me so much hope for what's possible. Why? Because now this man is living a much more aligned, conscious, intentional life. One where he seeks to change the lives of others. He's changed mine for the better, that's for sure!Not to mention, he's enlisted me to help him found a lifestyle brand we hope will be the center of a social movement toward better lives for all: Supergivers Initiative. Founded on the same intent as this podcast, the Supergivers Initiative seeks to serve people like you in healing, ending self-inflicted suffering, and up-leveling your life from scarcity to abundance.Our first event is January 25th in Austin, TX at One World Theatre and is geared toward a cause near and dear to our hearts: helping our nation's veterans heal and recover from the complexities of being a soldier. Here are the details:HELP REDEFINE PTSDVeterans, active-duty soldiers, their families, and supporters will all benefit from the life-changing coaching given at this event from Make a Vet Sweat founder Justin Bohannon, EF Overwatch CEO Mike Saraille, a 15 min home-workout kettlebell demonstration by Onnit Master Coach Juan Leija, and a moving story of perseverance from NY Times Best Selling author, Geriant Jones.Join us for a day of special guest speakers, giveaways, food, vendors, support, and community for our nation's heroes. To learn more and register, click here.Connect with Zack on Instagram and listen to his podcast, which I incorrectly called Supergivers Assemble in the intro. It's actually called Supergivers Academy podcast. (Seriously, I highly recommend following him!)
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