54 minutes | May 15, 2020

S3:E13 // Why No One Knows WTF They're Doing in Relationships with Group Think & Keith Paolino

In this week's episode, I share an interview I did with my relationship coach, Keith Paolino, for a program called Group Think. This is one of the BEST recorded conversations I've had about relationships, and the turnout to the panel was AWESOME. People responded really well, so I highly recommend listening to this.Instead of reinventing the wheel, I'm sharing their show notes below so you have everything you need to navigate this super robust and important show:Welcome to the third episode of the Group Think ATX podcast! Our topic for today's conversation is RELATIONSHIPS with special guests Liv Hadden and Keith Paolino. Together we explore what connections with other humans mean to us. Although this conversation was recorded pre-COVID19 the themes are not only relevant but emphasized by our shared experience of social distancing. This conversation is facilitated by Madeline Krebs and Maggie Burke with intro, edits, and illustration is by Katie Rose Gurkin.If you want to learn more about Group Think ATX, Global Shapers, or our special guests (Liv and Keith) please follow the links below:Group Think ATX: https://www.facebook.com/GroupThinkATX/Global Shapers Austin: http://www.austinshapers.com/Self Aware Millennial (Liv Hadden's podcast and project): https://selfawaremillennial.com/Illustration by Katie Rose Gurkin: https://katieroseshow.myportfolio.com/Music by Will Patterson https://www.hightidepost.com/Group Think Fargo: http://www.groupthinkfargo.com/“We cannot live for ourselves alone.” - Herman Melville
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